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Set Menu

The set menu consists of our most popular dishes and is great for groups as everyone gets to try a bit of everything.

The set menu is £20 per head which we believe is great value.


Hummus, Moutabal, Tabouleh, labneh, pickles, moussaka, falafel, batata harra, grilled halloumi, grilled sujuk, cheese sambousak, spinach sambousak, arayes.


For meat eaters we do a platter with:

  • Chicken shish
  • Lamb shish
  • Lamb kofte
  • Lamb sharwarma
  • Chicken sharwarma
  • Rice and salad.

For vegetarians we provide a vegetarian main course such as Grilled vegetable skewers, moussaka and rice or okra stew.



If you check us out on Facebook you will be able to see some pictures of the platters.

Tarboush Lebanese Restaurant

Tarboush Lebanese Restaurant

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