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Shisha Garden Now Open
10 Jan

Shisha Garden Now Open

What is Shisha? Shisha is popular in many cultures including Middle Eastern, Asian and Jewish. It is a flavoured tobacco, smoked through a pipe and filtered through water, many flavours are nicotine free. Each Shisha lasts between 30 minutes and an hour and is usually shared between two people. Over 25 flavours to choose from Flavours vary from double apple to red bull flavour, and we are able to mix flavours on request. Each person has their own mouthpiece and the pipes are cleaned thoroughly after use so it is safe and hygienic. The Shisha garden Our Shisha garden is a fully heated all weather area designed in a Middle Eastern style. Customers tell us it is like stepping out of Watford into an exotic holiday destination, indeed many people's first experience of Shisha is whilst on holiday and they are happy that they can now enjoy Shisha closer to home.

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